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Baby Cot Beds are an important factor to consider when one has a newborn. Although many people choose to co-sleep, a lot of people opt for a baby cot bed. Choosing the right baby cot bed can be a difficult task and as they are expensive you should make you are making the right choice for you and your baby.

Best Prices & Deals for Baby Cot Beds

We have put together a selection of the best places to go to get the best prices of baby cot beds. They offer competitive prices, free delivery and sales.

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Cheap Cot Bedscheap cot beds

Finding cheap baby cot beds can be difficult to do especially if you want a quality baby cot bed that can last you many years. However it isn’t impossible. There a few websites on the web that do provide quality at a reasonable price. For more information on cheap cot beds.


hauck cot bedHauck Cot Bed

This one can be difficult to get a hold of but rest assured we have found the best prices for this baby cot bed.  Click here for more info.


lindam solo cot best pricesLindam Solo Cot

A Lindam solo baby cot bed is a high quality cot bed that is easily put by slotting pieces together. It’s simple design does worry many that it isn’t sturdy but it is and this is demonstrated once put together. It has 3 adjustable base heights as well but unlike other models does not have a drop side due to its design.


boori cot bedBoori Cot Beds

Boori cot beds are popular because of the high quality Boori is known for.  Boori baby cot beds do not come cheap but they are well worth it in the long run if you desire quality that will last you years to come.

One of the most popular models is the sleigh cot bed by Boori for its elegant French design.


Cosatto Cots

baby cot bedsCosatto is a brand known for not only it’s baby cots but also it’s pushchairs and other baby products.  Cosatto cots are on the cheaper side but still maintain their quality.  There is a wide selection to choose from compared to other brands including the Bola cot bed, the Close To Me Cot bed plus a variety of others that are found exclusively with certain retailers.


Baby Travel Cot

A baby travel cot is a portable cot that can come in handy if you are going away for the weekend or staying with relatives.  Baby travel cots can be on the expensive side so when buying make sure you are getting the best deals by checking out our review page.  Most travel cots come with a lightly padded mattress.


baby cot bedStokke Baby Cot Bed

When it comes to baby cot beds, Stokke is known for its Sleepi cot bed – a beautifully designed cot bed made out of cultivated wood.  This cot bed has beautiful curves and can be converted into 2 seats as well as a bed and cot.  For more information click here


Baby Cot Bed or Baby Cot?

Despite the name a baby cot bed is slightly different to a baby cot. A cot bed is a cot that has removable sides and end panel so it can be converted into a toddler bed. This is a very good choice for anyone who has a baby because it is cost effective and increases the length of use. It makes it easy for your bay to move from cot to bed too.

Baby cot beds in comparison to baby cots are much large but this doesn’t mean that they are more expensive just that a bigger mattress will need to be bought.

Baby Cot Bed Size

Baby cot beds vary in size. There are cot beds that are designed to fit the standard sized baby cot mattresses and these are usually a few cms narrower than cots that are designed to fit the continental sized baby cot mattresses. However they are usually about the same length. Many people opt for a large cot bed because it means that their baby has more room. A larger cot can also mean that the use of it will last longer and it will be more economical. However if a small cot is more in your price range do not be put off purchasing it.  Checking secondhand websites can also be helpful if you really want to find larger baby cot beds and will save your money too.

Bedside Cots

Many people opt for a bedside cot because they want their baby close to them. A bedside cot usually comes with a removable side so it can be right next to your bed. This is fantastic for mother and baby in the first few weeks. You can also adjust the base so that it is at the right level to your bed. This is a great idea for mothers who are nursing because you won’t have to move as much to feed your baby.

Baby Cot Bed Features

Fixed versus drop sides – Most baby cot beds will have drop sides. This makes things easier for you to get baby out as opposed to lifting over the top and hurting your back. Some baby cot beds will only have this drop side feature on one side while others will have it on both sides. Some have foot pedals to make it easy to srop the side while attending to baby.

Height-adjustable base – Some baby cot beds come with the ability to adjust the base height. Putting it at the highest height when your baby is first born will make lifting him or her out easy. You can then lower it when your child starts to grow to make it safer.

Teething rail – Some baby cots bed come with a teething rail. Many babies use the side of the cot to bit on due to teething. As most parents do no want their child chomping on the wood for various reasons, picking one with a teething rail is a good idea.

Some people also opt to choose a second-hand baby cot bed.  If you opt for this make sure that you thoroughly check it and make sure it is in a good safe condition as you don’t want your child to have a dangerous baby cot bed.

An example of a baby cot bed is :

Baby Cot Beds – Do You Need One?

Whether you intend to have your baby in the same room as you or in a separate room, a baby cot or baby cot bed is an investment you have to consider, even if you intend to cosleep.

A baby cot bed is a cot which is much wider and longer. The reason it is larger is because the cot bed has the ability to convert from a cot to a toddler bed. Some baby cot beds even have the ability to convert to chairs or a sofa once your child has outgrown the toddler bed. This can be a great investment as you will save money and will be able to get the most out of the furniture you have bought.

Many baby cot beds also come with drop sides and different cot heights, so are still as flexible as a standard cot. A cot bed can also be a useful way to bridge the cap between a crib and a adult bed, making transition a lot smoother.

If you have decided that you do not want to cosleep or have your child in the same room as you then a baby cot bed is a must have. It will save you money, time and energy as you will not have to search about for a bed once your child has outgrown the cot.

If you have decided to cosleep you may want to consider a baby cot bed only because there are versions for co-sleeping. They are designed to fit snugly against the side of your bed. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need one. Many parents have a large enough bed to fit them in and their baby, without any need for another bed. Some parents have low beds or place their mattress on the floor to make things as safe as possible. So by not buying a co-sleeper you will save even more money, however it all depends on how much room you have and your specific needs in regards to baby cot beds.

Although many think that a cot is an essential piece of baby equipment, it isn’t. If you have an attachment parenting style philosophy or intend to co-sleep then it isn’t really necessary to buy one, but if you don’t and do not intend to have your baby close by, then a baby cot bed can save you a lot of money and is a essential piece of baby equipment.

Cot Bed Considerations: Safety & Style

A cot bed is generally a cot that can convert into a bed giving you a versatile and long lasting option as your baby grows. Cot beds have become much more popular as they can save you money and have less of an impact on the environment. Many can be converted from cot to toddler bed to chairs, so that even when your child has outgrown it, it can be still used as a piece of useful furniture in the home.

A cot bed is something that one needs to factor in when having a baby. There are many different styles of cot bed and it can be hard to decipher on what to get. Also when buying one it can often be a worry that something is only quality at a very high price. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are some great deals to be found on cot beds that will cause too much pain to your bank balance.

When considering what to buy, cot safety has to be at the forefront of one’s mind. It is very important, regardless of price, to check how strong and sturdy one is and if it can support your child’s weight. It isn’t enough to rely on a company to give you something safe, you have to check these things out for yourself. If you intend to buy online, try to look for reviews from other customers and when you get the product home test it out. Once assembled, place your hand in the cot bed and begin to rest your weight on it. As most beds come with height adjustability to make things easier for you and your baby, it is also worth checking its strength on each height.

Besides this, checking the side supports can hold you while you rest on them is also important for when you are getting your baby in and out of it.

Also make sure there isn’t any faults or small issues with the bed, like shapr objects sticking out from this. This can happen from time to time if quality control misses it. It might be easier for you to file it down or if the problem is serious return it for a new one. Large splinters could happen seeing as most cot beds are made from wood.

Safety is an important issue for considering a cot bed but isn’t the only one. Of course there is the issue of style. Generally a lot of cot beds are similar in functionality and design. Most have teething rails, height adjustability and many have drop down sides that can be done one handed. Some of these functions will be reflected in the price of the product.

A cot bed is often a consideration for any new family but is not an essential item as the popularity of attachment parenting increases and parents settle for a good night’s sleep with baby in bed with them. Of course though for a more practical solution and one to make you feel more relaxed, a cot bed that attaches to the side of a bed can be a great way to ensure baby is safe but still be in bed with you.  Baby cot beds that attach to the sider of the bed have become increasingly popular over recent years.

This website has been put together to give you information on baby cot beds/cot beds/baby cots and to help youfind the best prices, whether you are after a cheap cot bed or a more expensive, long-lasting version baby cot bed.

Buying a baby cot bed can feel extremely daunting when you look at the diverse range of them on the market with different features to boot.

We want our baby’s cot bed to be comfortable and secure but we would also like to have some features that can make our own lives easier too; like a feature that can get baby in and out easy. Despite wanting these features, however, it would be nice if it was at a good price: what we are after is a cheap cot bed with some great features.
When looking for a cot bed there are many things to consider and below are some of those things:

Dropside versus Fixed – Many cot beds have a fixed side but more and more are coming with dropsides as this is a popular feature to have. A dropside makes things a lot easier for you as a parent. You can get your baby in and out with more ease than a fixed side because you can drop the side. A fixed side means you have to lift up your baby up and over which may be a potential problem for your back. You can also get dropsides that can be opened with one hand making things easier again. You also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get such a feature, there are many cot beds on the market that offer this feature for under £100, an example being the Mothercare Ashton cot bed.

Size – The size of the cot bed has to be a consideration particularly if you have a small space to squeeze it in. Cheaper models tend to be on the smaller side to make things easier, but there are also some long/wide cot beds out there that you will need to avoid if you want to fit in your home!
Height Adjustable Base – Having a height adjustable isn’t a necessary feature but it can make things easier and allow you to adjust to your growing child’s needs. You can put it on the highest height when they are a newborn and drop it as they get bigger and have the potential to get out themselves.

Teething rails – Many babies like to chew the side of the cots – teething rails are a great way to protect your child’s gums and teeth and let them just chew away. You can’t always be there to stop them particularly if they wake up in the morning quietly! So teething rails can be a great feature for any cot bed.

Cost – If you are on a budget then getting it right cost wise is crucial. There are many low cost cot beds on the market that have great features such as a dropside and teething rails but do not cost more than £100. Don’t feel that you have to go without because of price.

Lastly, a cot bed needs to be safe. Making sure that the cot bed you want to buy if up to par with UK standards and reading reviews for feedback on sturdiness is important. This is the most important point of all.

For more articles or reviews on types of cot beds please see our main page.

As a new parent you maybe wondering whether to get a sling or not to carry your baby around. There are many benefits to baby wearing and this article goes through some of the reasons why it is a good idea to own a sling.

1. Doctors and medical professionals all agree that infants are nurtured and excel through being touched. Carrying your baby in sling keeps your baby constantly touching you and this can be very soothing and nurturing. The baby can hear your heartbeat and is in tune with your movements helping regulate his/her own physical responses.

2. Less Crying - Babies who are carried in a baby sling carrier cry less (this is also true of babies who get to co-sleep as opposed to being in their own cot bed). This isn’t a surprise when one of the reasons that babies cry is because they want to be held and close to their mother. If they are already close then their is no need for them to cry and they can remain at peace. Knowing you are always there for them keeps them content. Studies have shown that crying can be reduced up to 50 percent!

3. Bonding – Carrying your baby in a sling is great for bonding, but not only for the mother but also father, grand parents and other family. The baby gets to be close to several different people and gets to hear their rhythms and heartbeat. This is a great way for family and caregivers to get to know a baby and bond to make baby happier!

4. Convenience – Babies, in the first few months, do not like to be set down. This can make life difficult and you feel like you can never get anything done. However if you have baby in a sling, not only do you avoid upsetting your child, but you also are hands free meaning you can get on with chores or anything else you gave planned. On top of this carrying your baby by sling is also convenient when out and about. Many parents struggle with getting pushchairs and prams into the car or on buses. With a sling you don’t have to worry about any of this.

5. Fitness - If you carry your baby everywhere you will get fitter. As your baby grows as well you will have more and more weight for resistance too. This can really help you stay in shape after baby is born and what mother doesn’t want to shed those pounds quickly?

6. Confidence – Most parents who carry their child in a sling find that they are more confident at knowing what their baby wants. Being continuously close to child gives you more opportunity to understand theirs cries and needs. This can only be a good thing.

Wearing your baby has many benefits, but the biggest one is that your baby is much happier as a result. Babies like to be close to someone so they know they are safe. They don’t know they are safe tucked up in a cot or basket, but they definitely do when they can hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth.

If you are considering using cloth diapers you may want to know how you should store them, wash them and dry them to get the best use out of them. There are different ways to do things and you will have to learn by experimenting but there are things you can take into account to decide. This article goes over storing diapers.

Initially, before washing your cloth diapers, you will need somewhere to store them out of the way. Most people use a bucket with a lid. It is very easy to get a cheap bin for this purpose and don’t be suckered into buying a bucket specifically “designed” for diapers as these are usually well overpriced and a bucket with lid will just do the same thing and be cheaper.

Now to make life easier you may want to put a net bag in the bin so that when you transport the nappies to the washing machine all you have to do is move the bag over, instead of picking up dirty diapers one by one. A bag can also be great to use in the washing machine as it can prevent diapers from getting caught up together.

You can also stop the bin smelling or make it less of a nose issue by taping a cotton wool but to the lid with a few drops of lavender oil or tee tree oil (anti-bacterial).

Besides this there one more issue to contend with: wet or dry pail?

Dry pailing simply means putting your diapers in the bin where as wet pailing means putting them in a bin full of water to soak. Many people claim that wet pailing is better for stains, although from experience I didn’t see much difference. Wet pailing means that you will have more work too. You will have to change the water daily and it can be quite a nuisance.

With wet pailing you can add tea tree oil to the water as an anti-bacterial.

Dry pailing is much easier. You just put the diapers in the bin and leave them until you have enough to justify a wash load.

Generally whether you choose dry or wet pail, I think it is more a case of preference than anything else. You may find that wet pailing will help with stains and give your diapers a pre-wash or you may not care about stains or pre washing and leave it all up to the washing machine. Remember also that you can get really good stain removers so wet pailing isn’t as necessary as before.

Colic can be very stressful and many babies experience it. There is little evidence or research to indicate what exactly causes it but there are some things you can do, while at other times there isn’t much you can do by cuddle your child and let them work it out. This article goes over some tips to help you cope.

First of all before going through some tips, it is really important that you understand that sometimes you just can’t do anything to help soothe your baby. This is scary and very stressful, I know! There were moments when my son was first born when I just felt helpless and felt like I was a terrible parent. But I wasn’t – these things just can’t always be worked out by the parent, sometimes you just have to let your child scream it out and be there to hold them. So remember, if nothing works, just holding your child, accepting the circumstance and letting them work through it in your loving arms is enough.

Besides knowing this there are a few things you can help your child with. Sometimes babies get trapped wind that can take forever to come up. I found this out when I decided to use a sling to take my son for a long walk. After 45 minutes of walking he suddenly burped and was completely fine after that. But before that moment, every time I stopped walking he would get upset. I was extremely shocked when he burped and couldn’t believe that’s what the cause was and why it took so long, but it did! So my first tip is to get a sling.

Walking is a very effective way of calming your child down but using a sling is much better for baby because it will help calm them down more effectively than walking them in a pushchair. Babies want to be close to their mother. When they can feel their mothers warmth and hear their mother’s heart rate they will be instantly soothed in most cases. A sling can keep your baby close and movement will help calm baby down also. Sometimes fresh air and getting out the house can work wonders on your baby and sometimes you just need it for yourself. Parenting can be stressful, especially if it is your first time.

Another tip is baby massage or moving your baby’s legs. Lay your baby down and move their legs in a cycle motion or one up and down one at a time. This isn’t always effective but can help relieve trapped wind.

Sometimes we feel at a lost what to do as we don’t know what is wrong but sometimes it can be really obvious! I remember one time my son was really upset and it wasn’t until a long while after I realized he was teething. I started rubbing his gums and he was fine. He wasn’t very old then so I didn’t think about his teeth but it was obvious once I finally worked it out.

Exhaust everything, but try to remember that sometimes there isn’t always an answer. Colic isn’t nice for mother or baby but it can be helped.


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A common warning among the Western world, when it comes to children and babies, is that if you attend to readily to your child’s needs you will spoil them and turn them into clingy needy children. People believe that giving too much attention, nursing on demand and cosleeping can all contribute to spoiling your baby and that a baby needs to learn how to comfort themselves as soon as possible by using inanimate objects such as pacifiers and blankets. Unfortunately though, if a child has to resort to using an inanimate object for comfort and love then it can lead to a lifelong fixation on a specific object.

On top of this, child-rearing experts and books on parenting often (the majority do) advise mothers to separate themselves form their young babies with dire consequences.

Despite what many people believe, you cannot spoil your child with too much love and support. In most cases children are spoiled by not receiving enough love. Children may become spoiled as a result of not getting enough love as they crave attention/affection because they didn’t receive it earlier on.

Babies and children need warm loving human interaction. Breastfeeding is a great for this as it offers both nutrition and comfort to a baby. When a mother breastfeeds on demand she gives her child security. They know they are loved and cared about. If more people had experienced the devoted attention of a mother who breastfeed, there would most likely be less need for therapists and many people would be secure and content in life.

But love doesn’t stop at night. When a baby is forced into a different room it can be traumatic. A baby doesn’t know they are safe and in a secure environment even if you do. The only way they know they are safe is by being close to their mother. When one places their child in another room they can awake frightened because they cannot feel their mother. This can go on night after night. A baby who sleeps with their mother knows they are safe because if they are aroused they can feel and hear their mother.

While many people believe that you can give a child too much attention and spoil them, I have to disagree. A baby needs constant attention, love and reassurance and should have it (a baby sling carrier can help!). As that baby grows they will need it less and less, but it needs to be on their terms. Without the fulfilment of their continuum concept, a baby will grow to feel like something is missing and crave the unconditional acceptance and love from their mother. This can lead to problems with other relationships and a sense of insecurity. A mother’s role is very important and she should trust her instincts as these are much more in tune with a baby’s needs then any expert who tells you you are spoiling.

Cloth diapers are better for the environment and can save you a lot of money. This article goes over issues surrounding washing and drying cloth diapers and things to consider.


Traditionally boil washing was the used to wash cloth diapers. This was considered the only way to kill bacteria and is still something many people do, however you can actually get away with washing diapers at 40 degrees. This, however, is not recommended when dealing with newborn babies and the first 6 weeks. In these weeks it is much better to stick to a 60 degree wash. After this time you can then wash at 40 degrees, although it may be a good idea to do a 60 degree wash every so often. Most wraps, however, can only be washed at 40 degrees so if you choose to do a 60 degree wash make sure your wraps aren’t in it!

You also have to consider what to use to wash them. You may be using cloth diapers because you don’t want chemicals near your baby’s skin and thus want to use something eco to wash them in. Eco-balls are a popular choice to use on clothing but from research, AI have discovered that eco balls are not a good choice for dealing with diapers. According to searches on google, eco balls can potentially damage the diapers.

There are many great eco detergents available but these can be expensive. A better way for you, if you want to save more money, is to use soap nuts. These are placed in a cotton bag and then put in your machine. These are a great way to clean diapers. White vinegar can also be used to help neutralize smells and you can also use tee tree oil for its anti-bacterial properties.


If you have a concern for stains your best bet will be to dry your diapers outside in sunshine. Sunshine will naturally bleach your diapers and will also deodorize them. If you decide on using a tumble drier be careful as a drier will shorten the lifespan of your diapers. I have found that my cotton diapers have fallen apart fairly quickly as a result of using a drier often and I have had to replace ties often. However I found a drier important because it was the only way I could get them to be soft and also I live in the UK and the weather is never good enough to dry my diapers quickly.

If you have problems with getting your diapers soft but don’t want the drier to damage them, you could compromise and half dry them on the line and then put them in the drier for a shorter period of time. Also don’t be tempted to use fabric conditioner to soften nappies as fabric conditioner reduces absorbency.

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There are so many decisions that you have to make as a parent including the diapers your child wears. Some people choose not to think too much about diapers, while others see it as an important decision. Whether you opt for cloth or disposable the decision can be daunting.

There are many reasons why cloth diapers can be a great choice. If you can afford the initial investment, cloth can save you a lot of money in the long run. This can be a very attractive reason for those on a light budget. You can also use the same diapers for the next child and the next, meaning that once you have made your initial investment you will not be paying anything more for a long long time!

Cloth diapers can also be great for your baby’s sensitive skin. Many families opt for cloth because their child has had an allergic reaction to disposables. Most disposables have chemicals in that can cause skin issues and many parents do not want these against their child’s skin in the first place. Of course there are eco-disposables on the market now to counterbalance this, but generally people use cloth to avoid them.

Another reason cloth can be a great option is because it isn’t wasteful like disposables are and can be much better for the environment. We tend to live in a disposable society. We have paper cups, paper plates, paper cutlery and many people want to get away from this wasteful way of living. Cloth diapers are a great way to do this as you aren’t helping to fill landfills with bags and bags of disposables.

Of course though there can be some obstacles to using cloth diapers. You may not want to use them because you don’t want to have to deal with the mess i.e. getting rid of the poo and washing them. However this isn’t as big a deal as you may think. When its your own baby you can do anything and it really isn’t a challenge. Cloth diapering is relatively easy despite what many say. All you have to do is chuck in some extra loads of washing a week.

Whether you are thinking of using cloth diapers or haven’t considered it, they are well worth researching and looking into. Cloth diapers can be really easy to use with all-in-ones that are exactly like a disposable apart from the disposable part. You may even want to opt to just using them at night, as cloth are much better at holding large quantities of fluid than disposables and you can stuff them to meet your baby’s night wetting habits. This way they are far less likely to leak than your disposables.

Do some research, get some samples and try it out – it won’t hurt to try.

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Attachment parenting is becoming more and more popular as parents want to do the right thing for their children. Attachment parenting is a type of parenting that describes a highly responsive and highly attentive style of caring for a child. Paediatrician William Sears and his wife first coined the term “attachment parenting”. Dr Sears has several parenting books that are popular in the parenting world.

This highly responsive and attentive style is considered to promote physical and emotional closeness between parent and child. It promotes this closeness through bonding, breastfeeding, cosleeping, slings and various other things.

Attachment parenting encourages the parent to hold their baby often in the first weeks of life. The first 6 months are considered the “in arms” phase and parents are encouraged to hold baby as often as possible. Closeness is important so things like using a sling to help keep baby close while you get on is encouraged and also cosleeping. Breastfeeding is also encouraged and seen as an important part of a baby’s development physically and emotionally.

Those who practise this style of parenting tend to learn from their baby by keeping them close to them and devoting lots of time and attention. Parents tend not to go by a clock or a schedule but look for signs from their child about their needs.

When a child cries they are responded to instantly. Attachment parenting does not advocate, “Cry it out” and believes that you can’t spoil your child from constantly responding. Responding to their baby’s cries every time allows a relationship of trust to be built and unnecessary suffering. A baby cries for a reason and it is an important survival tool.

Breastfeeding, of course, is another important aspect. Parents usually will practise extend breastfeeding too acknowledging the important of nurture and bonding as well as nutrition when it comes to nursing.

Along with breastfeeding, cosleeping (instead of using a cot bed) and baby sling carrier wearing, attachment parents tend to use gentle discipline that is age appropriate. For example parents may put breakables out of the way of a toddler, as it would be unrealistic to expect a baby to stop itself from reaching for objects they may find fascinating. Guidance, role modelling and gentle punishments as well as no discipline are things that attachment parents would use to deal with their children.

Of course not all advocates of attachment parenting will use all these different things but many do. This type of parenting is about knowing your baby and responding to them. It is about following your instincts as well and often many parenting styles can make a parent feel as though they are going against instinct because they are.

This type of parenting is a great way to relax and enjoy your child without feeling guilty or feeling like you are spoiling your child. It can be the best thing you do for you and your baby.  Sharing a bed, instead of putting your child in another room in a cot bed can allow you to be close day and night creating a stronger bond for  example.

Parenting is a difficult task and there are lots of things to consider. When to start solids is one of the those things you have to take into account, especially if you are a first time mother.

It seems these days many people are being advised to start solids as early as 4 months, but this isn’t a good idea for many reasons. First of all your baby’s digestive system needs time to grow and be able to cope with solids in the first place. Second of all babies do not really show an interest in solids until around 6 months and even at 6 months they do not have a huge interest in them. Even at 6 months, starting your child on solids 3 times a day maybe too much, but it is agreed but most experts that 6 months is the earliest you should start them.

When you start solids it is good to start with simple things and try not to introduce too much in one go. I gave my son mashed bananas, melons, sweet potato, and various other fruits to begin with. He kept trying different things but he never really had a “proper” meal until around 14 months when he suddenly became super interested in solids. Before this he liked to taste things and would on the odd occasion eat quite a bit. He loved holding bananas, peaches, plums etc when he was around 1 year old.

I was never in a rush to get him to eat though as he was still breastfed and I also didn’t see the point in forcing him when he showed me clearly that he just didn’t want to right then.

I think the best course for starting solids is to just let your child try things. If they want more give them more but you should try to take cues off of them. They know best when it comes to their digestive system and how much they can handle. Many people are anxious to let their children but it is the easiest way. The only difficulty to it is not letting what others think or say get to you or upset you. It can also make you feel a little panicked if you child isn’t eating much solid by 1 – my son wasn’t but I read lots of other people’s experiences and they were similar. My son soon got a massive appetite for solids around 14 months.

Following your child’s lead is easy, forcing your child to eat isn’t and sticking to a strict 3 meals a day regimen is hard work but work that is not necessary. Go with the flow and life will be easier. And contrary to popular belief, starting solids early will not get your baby to sleep in their cot bed for longer and earlier.

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