As a new parent you maybe wondering whether to get a sling or not to carry your baby around. There are many benefits to baby wearing and this article goes through some of the reasons why it is a good idea to own a sling.

1. Doctors and medical professionals all agree that infants are nurtured and excel through being touched. Carrying your baby in sling keeps your baby constantly touching you and this can be very soothing and nurturing. The baby can hear your heartbeat and is in tune with your movements helping regulate his/her own physical responses.

2. Less Crying - Babies who are carried in a baby sling carrier cry less (this is also true of babies who get to co-sleep as opposed to being in their own cot bed). This isn’t a surprise when one of the reasons that babies cry is because they want to be held and close to their mother. If they are already close then their is no need for them to cry and they can remain at peace. Knowing you are always there for them keeps them content. Studies have shown that crying can be reduced up to 50 percent!

3. Bonding – Carrying your baby in a sling is great for bonding, but not only for the mother but also father, grand parents and other family. The baby gets to be close to several different people and gets to hear their rhythms and heartbeat. This is a great way for family and caregivers to get to know a baby and bond to make baby happier!

4. Convenience – Babies, in the first few months, do not like to be set down. This can make life difficult and you feel like you can never get anything done. However if you have baby in a sling, not only do you avoid upsetting your child, but you also are hands free meaning you can get on with chores or anything else you gave planned. On top of this carrying your baby by sling is also convenient when out and about. Many parents struggle with getting pushchairs and prams into the car or on buses. With a sling you don’t have to worry about any of this.

5. Fitness - If you carry your baby everywhere you will get fitter. As your baby grows as well you will have more and more weight for resistance too. This can really help you stay in shape after baby is born and what mother doesn’t want to shed those pounds quickly?

6. Confidence – Most parents who carry their child in a sling find that they are more confident at knowing what their baby wants. Being continuously close to child gives you more opportunity to understand theirs cries and needs. This can only be a good thing.

Wearing your baby has many benefits, but the biggest one is that your baby is much happier as a result. Babies like to be close to someone so they know they are safe. They don’t know they are safe tucked up in a cot or basket, but they definitely do when they can hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth.