Buying a baby cot bed can feel extremely daunting when you look at the diverse range of them on the market with different features to boot.

We want our baby’s cot bed to be comfortable and secure but we would also like to have some features that can make our own lives easier too; like a feature that can get baby in and out easy. Despite wanting these features, however, it would be nice if it was at a good price: what we are after is a cheap cot bed with some great features.
When looking for a cot bed there are many things to consider and below are some of those things:

Dropside versus Fixed – Many cot beds have a fixed side but more and more are coming with dropsides as this is a popular feature to have. A dropside makes things a lot easier for you as a parent. You can get your baby in and out with more ease than a fixed side because you can drop the side. A fixed side means you have to lift up your baby up and over which may be a potential problem for your back. You can also get dropsides that can be opened with one hand making things easier again. You also don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get such a feature, there are many cot beds on the market that offer this feature for under £100, an example being the Mothercare Ashton cot bed.

Size – The size of the cot bed has to be a consideration particularly if you have a small space to squeeze it in. Cheaper models tend to be on the smaller side to make things easier, but there are also some long/wide cot beds out there that you will need to avoid if you want to fit in your home!
Height Adjustable Base – Having a height adjustable isn’t a necessary feature but it can make things easier and allow you to adjust to your growing child’s needs. You can put it on the highest height when they are a newborn and drop it as they get bigger and have the potential to get out themselves.

Teething rails – Many babies like to chew the side of the cots – teething rails are a great way to protect your child’s gums and teeth and let them just chew away. You can’t always be there to stop them particularly if they wake up in the morning quietly! So teething rails can be a great feature for any cot bed.

Cost – If you are on a budget then getting it right cost wise is crucial. There are many low cost cot beds on the market that have great features such as a dropside and teething rails but do not cost more than £100. Don’t feel that you have to go without because of price.

Lastly, a cot bed needs to be safe. Making sure that the cot bed you want to buy if up to par with UK standards and reading reviews for feedback on sturdiness is important. This is the most important point of all.

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